Slip Into Springs Hottest Shoe Trends

While it might not be time to officially retire your boots just yet, Spring is definitely in the air.  And it’s bringing with it a whole rainbow of shoe trends.   Just don’t get mad if you can’t fit all of your favourites into just one closet.


Trend 1: Animal print

In a classic print like snakeskin animal print can act like a natural.  Or go wild and opt for the print in an unexpected colour palette.

animal print shoe trend


Trend 2: Neon 

If you’re ready for statement footwear look no further than neon.  Try a classic silhouette in a bold colour, or if you’re not ready for a “major moment” like these neon sock booties, a scrappy sandal is a great way to dip your toe into the trend.


neon shoe trend


Trend 3: Slides and Mules

Slip into one of the more practical shoe trends of the season. Not only are they super comfortable but also come in so many great colours, shapes and embellishment options.


slides shoe trend


Trend 4: Strappy

If you’re dreaming of wearing a beautiful pair of espadrilles on your next vacation then this is the trend for you.  Tone the trend down with a classic ankle strap or turn it way, way up with a pair that are embellished from toe to ankle.


lace up shoes


Trend 5: Sneakers

A fresh pair of kicks is a Spring staple.  This season’s selection are elevated by swapping regular laces for ribbons.


spring sneaker trend


Trend 6: Transparent

Ironically this trend is guaranteed to get you seen!  Make sure your pedicure is on point.


transparent shoe trend


Images by Caitlin Connelly/CTV

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