How To Look Cool And Stay Warm

When frosty temps are the norm it can be super tempting to stay huddled up indoors.  But those that call Canada home still need to be an active part of society no matter what the forecast says. Luckily this season’s winter accessories come it new hues and fun silhouettes, so you can look your best even in a blizzard.

1. Boots

The foundation for your winter gear, there are so many options this season for boots that are not only functional (think waterproof, wool lined and rubber soles for extra traction) but fashionable.  Some of my favourites include a two-tones leather option from ECCO and a boot that channels serious sneaker vibes from Cougar.

2. Scarves

Get wrapped up in a scarf+cape hybrid.  It’s super versatile for adding a hood to a jacket that might not already have one, and is an easy way to add warmth and drama.  A larger scarf can also be belted to accentuate an hourglass figure.  And if there is ever a trend to get excited about, the puffer scarf is certainly it!

3.  Hats

If Parisian chic is the look you’re going for this winter then there is no better way to finish off your outfit than with a winter white beret.  You’ll find leopard prints, embellishment and even a cheeky double pom pom, so you can easily switch up your style.  A metallic headband is a great accessory for a cocktail or NYE party.

4.  Mittens

Whether they are vintage, chevron, leather or alpine, mittens will make sure your digits stay warm when the temps drop.  This season we’re seeing a lot of pastel hues in warm textures which is super exciting as well as long, elegant gloves.

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Images by Caitlin Connelly/CTV

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