The BEST Spring Jackets

It’s officially Spring according to the calendar, but at this time of year it’s still risky to leave the house without an extra layer, and your winter jacket leaves you sweltering in milder temps.  So the Spring season doesn’t really start until you’ve secured a Spring jacket (or two).  Luckily, there are so many options that cater to all shapes, sizes, trends and budgets.

Muted Tones 

Muted tones are the palate of the season. But this trend isn’t only about chocolates and caramels.  Pastels are included too, like this stunning pink coat with a cheeky peek of leopard print.  Denim is also a great neutral! Rather than your traditional jean jacket, this one is in a classic trench silhouette and the patch work makes it extra glam with a 70’s vibe.

Bright Colours

There is no better time to inject some serious colour into your wardrobe than Spring, and no better way than great outerwear.  While this raincoat might not look vibrant at first glance, the waterproof fabric is iridescent, subtly displaying all the colour of the rainbow.  Surprise! A flash of light actually reveals a stunning silver colour.  Add some Spring cheer to any outfit with a cropped denim jacket in one of the season’s hottest colours: neon green.

Animal Print

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, snakeskin is the hottest print of the season.  Done in neutrals it’s easily incorporated into your wardrobe.  And you can never talk about animal print without talking about the classic leopard print.  Think outside the box too, like this floral print jacket which just screams garden party.


This trend is perfect for those with a more is more mentality.  Think grommets and sequins!  Wear these as an extra layer in chillier temps, and as outerwear when the mercury rises.

Images from Caitlin Connelly/CTV

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