How To Wear A Monochrome Outfit (In All My Fav Colours)

There is no doubt we could all use a little pick-me up right now, and what better way than to pick a colour and wear it head to toe. ¬†Monochromatic dressing always looks good and it’s a great styling technique to take your closet to the next level.


Monochromatic dressing with a neutral is a great way to ease your way into the trend. Wearing a colour from head-to-toe looks super expensive no matter what the items price point. The best way to achieve this look is by mixing textures and use varying shades of the colour. Here my layers range from bright white to oatmeal.

monochromatic dressing tips white


You might think that this is just another sweatsuit, until you turn around for the big reveal – a searsucker pattern cotton in the back. Add a metallic sheen in the footwear for an elevated look. Bring this look from the from winter to spring by swapping out the coat (puffer for wool) and footwear (boot to sneaker).

monochromatic dressing tips green


Separates are a great way to try it out the trend, and you can integrate the pieces into your wardrobe after. Dress it up swapping the t-shirt with a luxe textured sweater, and upgrade the sneaker to a boot.

monochromatic dressing tips pinkm


Boom! This look has maximum impact.  Using the same tricks from the other outfits, you can take this look from athleisure chic to runway ready.

monochromatic dressing tips redmonochromatic dressing tips red

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green chunky knit sweater