The Art of (Jewellery) Layering

I love personalized jewellery. Not only for myself, but it’s also a great gift idea for loved ones and friends. One of my fav brands is Canadian made, Suetables. They offer everything from fine jewellery to personalized, which is great for layering.

My rule of thumb is to layer two to three necklaces max, using varying lengths. I also love to mix metals – not only do they look great together, they also add a bit more personality.

Neutral, delicate jewellery is perfect to layer: it’s not overwhelming on your body and won’t take away from the rest of your outfit.

I’m also the kind of girl who hates fiddling with clasps morning and night, so I look for light-weight pieces that I can just keep on consistently; and something that goes with everything (especially when I’m on vacation).

These are three of my favourites from Suetables:

The Francesca Choker

The Shelby Necklace

Kathryn Love Letter (You can personalize this one!)

You can pick these beauties up online, or if you’re the type of gal who needs to try it on first, Suetables has two store fronts right here in Toronto.

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