How To Spring Clean Like A Stylist

It’s that time of year!  I share 3 of my favourite tricks to clean your closet for spring.

Discard First

When it comes to spring cleaning your wardrobe I like to start off by organizing my discard pile into 3 section. The first pile is items that you need to get rid of, like your favourite blouse that got covered in red wine and no matter how many time you get it dry cleaned the stain never comes out. Then organize items for consignment which is great alternative for any designer wear and also keeps clothes out of the landfill. Finally organize items for donation. This can be to friends and family, or your local charity.

Once you know what you’re getting rid of, it’s time to move into your closet.

Colour Co-ordinate

I love to organize by colour, lightest to darkest. And then by category and sub-category. Think: sleeveless, to short sleeve, to long sleeve, blouses then knits. Even denim.

Velvet Hangers

To avoid that terrible feeling of bringing out your favourite knit, only to discover that the shoulders have been stretched out I recommend velvet hangers. And because they are so thin, you’re going to be able to fit double the amount of clothes in your closet – which is a definite bonus for any condo dweller.

When space is at a premium, I recommend folding super bulky fabrics and super delicate fabrics.

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