2022 In Outfits

It’s been a wild year to say the least!  And the lead up to the New Year is always the perfect opportunity to reflect on some of my favourite moments (and outfits) of 2022.  

How To Dress For Swinter

Summer in Canada means waking up to a cool morning, enduring a sweltering afternoon and then getting chilly in the evening.   The key to surviving (and thriving) in whatever Mother Nature has in [...]

3 OOTD Inspos You Can Rock This Week

Dressing this week just got a little easier with 3 looks you already have in your closet. Black dress with fresh white sneakers. Bold sweater with your go-to jeans (bonus points for matching [...]

Fresh Denim Styles for 2022

If you’re looking to try out a new denim, now is the time.  Paperbag denim is the perfect entry level silhouette since it’s almost like a jogger.  You can also ease in with a pair in [...]

How To Wear Joggers Everywhere

How to wear joggers everywhere (not just the couch), and look fashionable while you’re at it. Watch the full segment here and see below for links to all the joggers. 1. Knit Jogger Jogger [...]

PJ Inspired Dressing

If you crave an outfit, but not getting dressed then PJ inspired looks are the way to go.  Silky textures and feather details keep the look elevated, and wearing matching separates always looks [...]