Wedding Fashion For Your Big Day

From traditional gowns to contemporary suits, these wedding fashion trends are sure to have you saying I do. Today on The Social, I’m sharing the latest trends in wedding fashion and a little marriage memory of my own. Watch the full segment here.

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Left: Blazer Zara | Pant Zara| Brooch Zara | Shoe Zara| Earring Olaeda
Right: Dress Sash and Bustle | Veil Sash and Bustle | Shoe | Earring Olaeda


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Left: Tux Tip Top| Shirt Tip Top| Bowtie Tip Top | Shoe Aldo
Right: Dress Reformation | Headpiece David Dunkley | Shoe Zara | Earring Zara


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Left: Blazer RW&CO | Vest RW&CO | Shirt RW&CO | Pant RW&CO | Shoes Aldo
Right: Dress Fitzroy Rentals | Shoe Zara | Bag Aldo | Earring Olaeda


Left: June 21, 2015; the day Corey and I signed our marriage license.
Dress Manning Cartell

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