Dressing From The Waist Up

With everyone now working remotely, the online meeting has never been more popular.  And with that comes of the stress of what to wear when the camera is on.  It’s time to channel your inner news anchor and focus on dressing from the waist up.


For those with a more casual work environment a striped t-shirt is a great place to start. If you have a stark white shirt it can buzz on camera, so opting for a stripe is a better option. You can easily elevate the look with a coloured blazer. Another option if you want to be comfortable at home but still look elevated is a printed cardigan. Adding accessories is a great way to infuse personality. Ditch the belt that comes with your cardigan and go with a studded belt instead.


Florals are quintessential spring! If you want to go that extra step, a blazer is the easiest way to elevate your favourite blouse. There are also a few ways to wear a blouse, whether that’s fully-tucked in, a partial tuck for something more casual, or tying it at the waist.  A few simple tweaks can extend the look of your blouse.


You can easily add a pop of colour under a blazer with a thin hooded sweatshirt.  And of course if that’s a little too casual, a button-up shirt is a classic way to look professional. Even from home!

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