3 Winter Looks That Stand Up To The Cold Fashionably

It’s my duty as a Canadian stylist to ensure that the Canadian public is not only dressing for the weather, but doing so fashionably.  And while there is nothing wrong with wearing the same jacket every day to run your local errands, there are so many fabulous (and unexpected) options.  Why not spruce up you outerwear this season?  Click here for the full video on Marilyn Dennis or check out the links to my top picks below.

winter fashion tips


Look #1: The Printed Parka

Down-Filled Parka, $100 at Winners

Red Leggings, $25 at Winners

Long Sleeve Tech Top, $15 at Marshalls

Cougar Shoes Ankle Boots, $190

Anavi Designs Toque, $55

Kombi Mitts, $60

Look #2: Nice and Neutral

Rudsak Down-Filled Parka, $745

Uniqlo Vest, $60

Uniqlo Fleece Turtleneck, $20

Anavi Designs Gloves

North of Alpine Toque, $55

Under Armour Performance Legging, $60

Sorel Boots, $180

Look #3: Sporty Chic

Spyder Fleece Jacket, $79 at Sporting Life

Spyder Vest, $181 at Sporting Life

Spyder Jogger Hybrid, $139 at Sporting Life

Starling Toque, $35 at Sporting Life 

Spyder Mitts, $89 at Sporting Life 

Cougar Shoes Winter Boot, $200

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